Potentate’s Biography


Mikie Metzler

119th Illustrious Potentate of Al Malaikah Shrine A.A.O.N.O.M.S.

Michael George Metzler, also known as “Mikie”, was born November 12, 1951 in San Diego, California. Robert and Dorothy Metzler, wanting a baby boy, went down to San Diego to pick him up. They adopted him and raised him in Pacific Palisades.

He attended Saint John’s Military Academy and graduated from Saint Monica’s High School in Santa Monica.

He enlisted in the Air Force and was given an Honorable Medical Discharge.

In 1969 he was trained by General Motors in Burbank, California and has worked for Chevrolet since his graduation. Mikie has received the Chevrolet Master Technician Award annually since 1970 and now has achieved the title of “World Class Technician” from GM. He has been certified as a Master Technician from the Automotive Service of Excellence since 1976.
Mikie moved to Fillmore in 1974 and has been working for William L. Morris Chevrolet since then and is now Shop Foreman. He married Terrie (known as Blondie) in 1994 and together they have three children, twelve grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Mikie became a member of the Rotary Club of Fillmore in 1978 and was instrumental in the formation of the Fillmore Sun Rise Rotary Club where he was a charter member serving as the Secretary/Treasurer from 1985-1999. He received the Paul Harris award in 1997. Both Blondie and Mikie received the award for ‘Best Small Club Newsletter’ multiple times during his tenure.
You may ask why he is called “Mikie”???. Even before he was a Master Mason, Mikie came to Oxnard Lodge to support his Lady in the Lady Oriental Shrine of North America. The Ladies called him “Mikie” along with the Brothers at the Lodge, hence the name. Blondie told him that she wanted to call him her “Noble” and not just her husband when she started into the line of Jamil Court. Knowing the power of a woman, he got to work and became a Master Mason.

Mikie was raised a Master Mason in Fillmore Santa Paula Lodge #291 in 2000. Then became a member of Al Malaikah Shrine In 2001, Mikie joined the Ventura Valley Scottish Rite. He worked with the team for the Annual New England Picnic and was the head of Stage Craft for the Valley. He was given the Rank of ‘Knight Commander of the Court of Honour’ in 2005. He serviced as Venerable Master in 2010.

He was Master of Fillmore Santa Paula #291 in 2004 and affiliated with Oxnard #341 in 2003 and served as Senior Deacon 2004 and Master in 2008 and again in 2010. In 2008, he became a member of Oxnard Chapter #86 Royal Arch.

Mikie was a member of Santa Paula Order of Eastern Star #185 and served as Worthy Patron in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2013.

Mikie served as President of Fillmore Santa Paula Shrine Club and Commander of the Tri County Legion of Honor Shrine Club. He was appointed Shrine Club Director for Region Three in 2002 and served for many years. In 2009, Mikie had the honor to be appointed as Temple Aid for the late Potentate, Illustrious Sir Ron Bianchi. He is also a member of the Shrine 3rd Degree team.

In 2011 Mikie was appointed as Second Ceremonial Master of Al Malaikah Shrine.

In 2016 Mikie was awarded the high honor of the Hiram Award from Oxnard 341.